Virtual reality
What is VR

VR is a wholly immersive experience that allows a user to escape to another reality where everything is possible and interact with the new virtual world.

Who needs this technology.

Everyone who wants to create breathtaking experience for people.

  • health facilities
  • schools and universities
  • heavy/light industries businesses
  • games/entertainment companies
  • sport campuses
  • make a virtual shop tour with explanations
  • play and interact with the products
  • let a customer see the conveyor of your product creation stages
  • explore and learn about micro/macro cosm which impossible to see otherwise
  • gamification helps digest new information much better
  • connect with other students in virtual reality classes and study together
Industrial presentations:
  • discover future factories and machineries both internally and externally
  • invent and test your ideas
  • design and decorate your living spaces
  • different genres games played at home
  • special facilities with full body VR immersion
  • create, paint, sculpt...unleash your creativity!
How we do this
Our works
More about VR

What makes you see the life?
Yes, eyes are bringing about 90% of the world outside to our brain.
What if giving you quite believable visuals but of another nature?
What if:

– You see unreachable places like Moon or Mars and feeling weightlessness
– You are inside of drowned Titanic to discover or in micro cosmos of human cell to amaze
– You are in a new car racing like a bolt
– You are finally taking a walk tour on the hotel you’ve chosen for holiday
– …

It’s just a glimpse to what new is possible to see.
From usual things to quite unknown – all is here now by Virtual Reality technologies. Feeding your eyes by visuals from the special stereoscopic screen, plus adding sounds and your hands presence and you are fully diving in. Hold the breath! Simply see and feel.

Enough romance.

Let’s face the facts.
VR build new bridges in producer-consumer dialogue. It fully immerse the audience in any VR reality you create.
By 2020, the number of VR headsets sold is predicted to reach 82 million — a 1,507% increase from 2017 predicted totals. It’s a big wave to catch and surf.
We are on it. Are you with us?