Oyinmiebi Pere-Albert

aka Sammy

Lead developer

Passionate and Adaptive.
Generally, I’m a tech enthusiast and I love experimenting with any new technology I get my hands on.

I’m a gamer. I game across multiple platforms … but most importantly I love partaking in the magic that makes it all happen.
I graduated from “Danylo Halytsky National Medical University” in Lviv, in 2017. I came to my final decision to be a full-time game developer in my final year of medical studies, after assisting in multiple surgical operations. Not that I was scared or anything. I just found the whole thing to be very repetitive and somewhat boring as time passed. I started exploring game development long before this, in 2009. I found Unity3D and started experimenting with it. Then I started working as a freelancer in 2011. I didn’t take any local or online courses for this. I was simply driven by passion and curiosity.

I also do digital arts (2D & 3D) on the side, as a hobby … not as a profession. Being able to create a world from my imagination makes me feel like a tiny god :).
How do I spend my free time?

I don’t have any. Life is short and there is a lot to be done so I live by careful planning. If I find nothing to do at the moment then I search for something new and interesting to learn.