Pavel Rudakov


Greetings to all!

    Remember I was always deeply in playing games up to the moment I went to the university. But how games are made and how much efforts it could cost I had no idea.

    It all changed when I dived into 3D graphic learning. Funny that it happened suddenly for me and it was quite different from what I studied at university at that time. I was hard self-educated (and I am still that nature ;)) to make my way in IT industry and I am very grateful to my colleague who helped me to be on track.

  While studying computer software I was spending for 16 hours in front of a computer just as I did when I played games before. This mixture of pure creativity and technical science, which is always here in 3d modelling, 2d illustrations and 2d/3d animations, music – all this is still something that makes me amazed.

  From time to time, I am fully exhausted. Such things happen when you are leading lots of projects. However, my teammates are who helped me to survive and get back on my feet. Having such a support and understanding is what I see as the most valuable in my work.

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