Ivasiuk Pavel


Сreative, active, persistent – yes, it’s about me 🙂

I’m not playing video games, but I like creating them.
Graduated from “Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies”, but I’m not programming on spaghetti 😉
I came to the game development at my 21 when I was at university and I still can’t stop doing it.

Every year I’m a participant at Global Game Jam. My team won 4th place at Ukrainian country competition in 2017 and won 1st place at Odessa local competition in 2018.

From the very beginning my career started as being a part of the indie game development team in 2017 and I’m still in it. It’s completely based on my enthusiasm. I like to create what I want.

How do I spend free time?
I like fishing, hunting and football.