Luda Gorelova

3D artist

I love drawing.

It was my hobby at school time and after school I tried to go to the university to get the design specialty. But I failed. They told me I couldn’t hold a pencil in my hand. So, I went to try to work at the animation studio at their cleaning department. I was accepted and worked with a pencil in my hand for 2 or 3 years. After that I worked as a flash animator there almost year and had some experience in freelance flash animation and in cleaning (traditional animation) too.

I tired to work in such rhythm and I worked in some “simple” jobs as they call them. I realized that I could hate my every working day if living without creativity and drawing. Then I took the big 3DS max book and plunged into magnificent and beautiful world of modeling. But the most interesting was in the next part of CG creation which is texturing. This is my favorite part of work. Now I can happily say — I love my job because it is one of my hobbies. You make gray figures to be very colorful parts of the universe they live in. After that make them very detailed, been in scratches and scuffs or beaten and very used. Overall you start to watch around the world and notice some interesting details on different materials and surfaces.

I love journeys where I can see beautiful nature, visit interesting places and famous ancient buildings for studying texturing too =)