Aydinov Vyacheslav


Good day to everyone!

A few words about myself.

Remember I was always interested in doing something creative but it was almost none I could do. One day I came to my friend’s place and saw him modelling something. It was the moment I thought this is exactly what I should be into. Such kind of creation gives me the freedom to make everything I can imagine plus to be a part of game making process is my wish too. So, on that day I asked to teach me and my path of mastering 3D started. 

You know this process of learning can possess you completely and makes you sitting days and nights 😉 For 2 years I was self-learner at my free time (I’m still a student at the university on top of all that ;)) and then I was taken as an intern in BeVisioned team. I know I’m the youngest among all team members here and less skilled but thanks to the great support and mentoring I’m able to get through hard tasks put on my shoulders. Indeed working in the atmosphere of real projects gives me the powerful push to develop at a big pace and seeing my future prospective.

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