Augmented reality
What is AR

It’s an application for smartphone that uses AR technology allowing custom made graphics/animations appear onto what smartphone camera sees. Exmaples are widely spread lenses for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Thousands of clients specific AR apps have been made in the world and much more to come.

New marketing standard for
  • commerce
  • entertainment
  • navigation
  • STEM education
  • film industry
Who needs this technology
  • retail stores (cloth, hardware, grocery)
  • health facilities
  • schools and universities
  • industrial & living space designers
  • fashion industry
  • give customers more info about your product
  • make guideline prompts in your shop
  • offer new promotion
  • show product creation stages
  • make your display case alive

Your customers already have the device – smartphone. Upscale your content and interact with your audience in a smart thoughtful way. Cause a wide resonance with your product!

  • gamification helps children to learn alphabet and multiplication chart
  • learn human skeleton from all angles
  • show historical events on book pages
  • 360 view for design and engineering
  • run chemical experiments virtually before the reaction becomes unstoppable

Remembering big amounts of information becomes easier if you make game of it.

  • create epic virtual battles between your consumers and let them win prizes
  • propose customers to play with your mascot and iteract with auditory in a new way
  • create game that you've dreamed about

Let people have fun and make your brand viral!

  • workplace training with virtual simulations
  • learn how to practice yoga with a virtual instructor
  • practice car driving
  • learn how to repair the bicycle with realtime instructions
  • see how to use every button on your new slow cooker

You don’t need to print thick user guides and consumers will understand video description much better!

Fashion industry
  • let your customers try on new collection in virtual dressing room
  • select perfect lipstick or blush color
  • choose new haircut
  • see the difference after beauty treatments before going to beauty salon

It’s hard to decide what you want to look like when you have so many offers – help your consumers to make decision!

Interior and exterior design:
  • see future house on your land
  • select paint for the house
  • change wallpapers for kid’s room
  • choose color palette for your bedroom
  • decide which table is the best for the dining-room

You can change your decision several times without monetary losses!

How we do this
Our works
More about AR

Technically we create various Augmented Reality applications for mobile gadgets.

Among them are lenses for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. And of course different custom made apps/games.

But the main thing is that:

AR technology educates and entertains your audiences in a much more involving way. Results? You are seen and let us say bought in much bigger scope.


  • Students see interactive scenes on their books pages or learn human skeleton with AR anatomy app or making their laboratory work on сhemistry or…whatever your students are studying 🙂
  • See and try on new haircut before you actually go to your barber
  • Learn how to drive your new car
  • Choose the best table for your dining-room
  • Show your client how the product was produced
  • Much more informative navigation
  • Medical training & presentations
  • Showcase decorating, virtual dressing room, interactive promo stand..
    The list could be loooong.

You see the point that AR delivers the next level of being close to your customer?
Surely, you do 😉