Andrey Kolesnikov

Co-founder / Producer

Greetings, my friend!

Well, in such About-texts it’s supposed to write about how I came to what I’m doing now and how to stay tuned and fresh.
Let’s honor traditions 🙂

I always knew what I wanted to do. At the age of 15 I named that aspiration as “creating games”. As I thought at that time I would be able to play games all my days and nights. How wrong I was! 🙂
But it’s not what I wanted to tell you =)

While learning different programming languages at university I realised that I’d chosen the right way but the wrong approach. That’s why I decided to try the art direction. You know, closed doors hide possibilities 😉
It was a kind of explosion for me!
I slept for just a couple of hours throughout my days while drilling and drilling new softwares and methods of working in them. I tried to find the most effective approaches for various tasks.
The hunger for learning hasn’t disappeared even after years. I explore new things every single day. If I don’t get new knowledge or don’t practise each day – it is an empty day. Such days make me very upset ;(

So, I work on game\non-game projects using my knowledge and instruct my team members at the same time. I also help them to find optimal methods for solving their issues. Think I got some of these skills at university because of my specialty “Intellectual systems of decision making.”

All that may seem to be very complicated. But the pleasure I get from what I love-and-do outweighs all the energy I put into.

No matter who you are and what you do! The main goal is to have fun! Only in this case you’ll be able to go on and on and be happy at that 😉

Take care!

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