Andrey Sazonov


Businesman? IT geek? Accidental upstart?

Let me say a traveller 🙂

Started my IT carrer rather late, at age of 22 (what?!) and jumped to hard self-education from the begining. Some office work, some games and I quickly came to my favourite – 3D graphics. Then came teaching and being a freelancer. Dimensions of life widely expanded when I dived into psychology, business building, yoga and it’s still all happening to me.

Main questions time?
Why and What for?

Two points.
– Unpack and extend talents of the team members .
Hint: All our clients ARE our team members.
– Bring all of us to the stream of making meaningful things to make the world more awaken.

Enough 😉

Still the same. Extending life borders.
By leading and to be led, by teaching and to be taught, by travelling outside and inside.
Whoa, what a journey! 🙂

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