Alla Belykh

3D Artist

I’ve always been dreaming about creation of my own worlds. Since childhood I enjoyed writing stories, especially imagining locations where these events took place. Usually there were abandoned castles and evil sorcerers. And I always loved old and shabby things and surfaces. I remember the photoset that I made for the first time. A broken brick wall served me a model. I was bewitched with its texture and color variations. Soon I’ve got an extensive collection of pictures of cracked asphalt shining after the rain, peeling wooden windows painted with several multicolored paint layers, broken glass and moldy stuco. I didn’t know what to do with this stunning photo gallery – all I knew about art jobs was my uncle doing monuments after Art University and my brother working as an archviz designer. So I choose the intellectual systems of decision making speciality and forgot about junk photography. At the end of University I discovered that there is a 3D art course in Nikolaev where I was living. And then my life changed! It was much more interesting than programming. But I’m not so sorry about the university years, now they help me to work with huge amount of technical information.

In my free time I study digital painting because I believe that creating concepts and their modeling is the most interesting part of my speciality. And it brings me so much fun! Also I enjoy pottery and growing succulents and, of course, I love gaming. The first game that made me crazy was Assassin’s Creed. I still remember the feelings of the first leap of faith and I adored the ability to explore the world. My favourite games are Witcher 3 and The Last of Us.