About us
  • Feel.
  • Connect realities.
  • Release ideas to Be Visioned.
What’s next?

While growing in creativity and size we are open for cooperation with individuals and companies who have amazing ideas waiting to be transformed into VR/AR experiences.

Now let’s step aside and think a bit.

Do you know what is the mission of any outsouce company?
Earning money and building the team?
No, it’s consequences. Consequences of what? Human relations with clients. It means to be a human in every aspect of things discussed with our new customer. Idea, realization, money, fixes, complete re-start or… it can be anything. Being a human means to hear your client, to feel his wishes and worries, to co-create the wishful product and to share the satisfaction when it’s born. That’s the nature of any product lifecycle.
Isn’t it similar to be in a family and grow your children? Yes, it’s close. Really close.
So, let me simply say — enjoy being part of our family 😉

And what about the mission of a product company (which we are as well)?
Your client here is the world around you. People around you.
Can you feel their needs and see what you can give? Valuable. Able to change people’s life, their thinking, their life perception. Big question. And big responsibility. Though the freedom for creation is endless.
We’ve dived into it too. Because of a need to say our word to the world, to our neighbours, to everybody. Learning, practicing, failuring and starting again. Our products are our continuation. In short, experience what we create to understand who we are.

Enjoy and be enjoyable 😉.


Our team’s heart began to pulse in 2017. We started as a branch of the U.S based company working with huge and popular brands on the VR/AR market. Charged with challenging projects we grew and eventually formed our own company named BeVisioned in 2018.
Aimed towards creating apps ranging from retro-styled games to immersive VR/AR experiences. Working both in the field of top notch outsourcing services and as a home based product company.

Who were we in the past? Big spectrum.
2D/3D graphics freelancers, hired/freelancing Unity developers, musicians, animators, tech school instructors, psychologist. Enough? Good salad is when proper ingredients are mixed 🙂 We united with each other with the passion to do team work and to forge meaningfullnes in our efforts.

What is further evolution?
Life will show and unpack. We only keep sails and check the wheel!